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  • Is Warehouse on Watts 21+? Generally speaking, the majority of shows at Warehouse on Watts are 21+. We do occasionally host 18+ and all ages events, and will clearly label the event as such. Check the event details on Facebook or the ticketing website to find more information about the event. If age is not specified, it is a 21+ event. All 21+ events will require a valid ID upon entry.


  • I want to use the space! If you are interested in using our space, please fill out our rental form. If you would like more information about the space, or would like to schedule a walk through, please email us at info@wowphilly.com. We receive many inquiries, so please fill out a rental request well in advance of the event so that we have enough time to process everything. Please note that we try our best to respond to everyone. If you do not receive a response, you are more than welcome to send a follow up, however we are a small, independent venue. If we do not reach back out, we may not have the date available or it may not meet the needs of the business.  We appreciate your understanding.


  • I am an artist and I want to perform at your venue/hop on a bill! For most of our events, we work with promoters who book artists and provide the bill. If you would like to perform at the venue, the best way to do so is by reaching out to a local promoter or renting out the space.


  • Do I need to bring ID to attend an event? ALL 18+ & 21+ EVENTS REQUIRE A VALID ID TO ENTER. All of our security staff are RAMP certified. Please review these PA guidelines & ID laws to confirm you have the appropriate identification necessary to be granted admission into the event. If you have questions regarding ID requirements for an upcoming event, please email us PRIOR to the event so we can aid in any clarifications.
  •  Are you ADA accessible? Yes and Kind Of. Our first floor, Cambridge Hall, has a ramp on Watts St. side with ADA friendly, gender-neutral bathrooms on the first floor. Because we are an old warehouse, there is no elevator to The Loft.  If the show you are trying to attend is upstairs, please email us at info@wowphilly.com for accommodations! 
  • Is there seating? We are mostly a general admission, standing venue with lots of room for dancing! If you require seating, please inform the staff and we will happily provide you with a chair.
  • Where is the best place to park? There is free street parking available all around the venue. Unless there is a show at the MET, there is usually plenty of parking on N. Watts St.& Cambridge St. After 6pm there is free meter parking both sides of E. Girard Ave. btw N. Broad St. & N. 13th St. If you would prefer lot parking, there is a Rite Aide lot on N.E. corner of E. Girard Ave & 13th St. about a block away (they close at 8pm daily, but the lot is park at your own risk, as we don’t have any type of agreement with them). 


  • Do you have a bike rack? Sure do. Two of them, one outside each entrance. Custom made 🙂
  • Do you sell food? We always have grab snacks available.  Certain events might have caterers or food carts, but they are a case by case basis and usually disclosed in the event descriptions on Facebook and the ticketing websites. 
  • Can I bring a reusable bottle/container for water? You may bring a reusable container for water, but it must be empty prior to going inside.
  • What’s the venue’s capacity? The number of tickets available varies with every event. If you are interested in renting out the venue and need information on capacity, please reach out to us at info@wowphilly.com.
  • I have a question about tickets! If you have a question about ticketing, please reach out to us at info@wowphilly.com.
  • I want to photograph an event! If you are interested in photographing an event please reach out at least a week prior. While the venue has no explicit rules against cameras, most of the time photo passes must be approved and distributed by the event organizer/promoter for larger events.  
  • Are you an independent venue? Yes! We are proud to say that Warehouse on Watts is a totally independent and locally owned venue.


  • Do you have live music? Yes! We frequently have live music and are always looking to host more live bands. Check out our event calendar to see what live music events we have coming up!  


  • What is Cambridge Hall? Cambridge Hall is the name of our swanky downstairs stage located at 1393 Cambridge St. We regularly host events smaller/more intimate events there. If you’ve been here for larger upstairs events, you’ve probably passed through it or grabbed a drink at the Cambridge Hall bar before heading upstairs.  
  • General Item policies: Weapons (knives, guns, etc), illegal substances, and outside beverages are strictly forbidden. Most events allow flow toys. Most events allow cameras (no flash). Backpacks and large bags are not allowed inside the venue. If you have them upon arrival, they must be checked in to our coat check for a $4 fee. All persons and bags are subject to search upon entry. Check the event details on Facebook and the ticketing website for more information.

If you have any other unanswered questions, please contact us via email at info@wowphilly.com or DM us on our IG @wowphilly.  *We do not have an office phone*

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