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LIMBS ~ Dark Divine ~ Vagrants ~ Here/Now

Ages 21 and up
LIMBS 186431671105961
Friday, February 03
Doors: 6pm // Show: 7pm
$16 / Day Of : $18

**All shows 21+—valid ID required**

Doors: 6:00 PM

Show: 7:00 PM

There has never been a more personally raw and compelling LIMBS release than their forthcoming EP Coma Year. Wrapped up in its seven tracks are many of vocalist Austin McAuley’s most gripping insecurities, fears , traumas, and pain points. Where each song acts like the exorcising of a demon in his life – from battles with loss and grief through to dread around his own mortality – Coma Year offers an unreserved glimpse into the depths of his sufferings. “I have absolutely poured myself out into this EP lyrically. It’s been a form of therapy for me to write these songs and get things off my chest ,” he says.“ I lost my father in 2015 and as much as I’ve been doing my best to get by over the years, as soon as the pandemic hit it felt like I was reliving all of those feelings all over again and losing everything important to me. It amplified those feelings I’d tried to bury.” Tracks like ‘Vertigo’ and ‘Coma Year’ speak of the sheer torment of losing his father, meanwhile lead single ‘Spirit Breaker’ finds Austin grappling with the unrelenting presence of grief in his life, climaxing in the gut – wrenching lyric “…it’s just the cycle of loss stuck on repeat again.”

Dark Divine



“Heavy, introspective Here/Now get groovy and deep” -Addison Herron-Wheeler, New Noise Magazine

Stated to release new music (produced and engineered by Adam Cichocki, releasing Independent) in early 2023 after 2020 full length (produced by Mike Watts at VuDoo studios)

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