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Warehouse On Watts is teaming up with Faber Easy Drinking Liquors to bring tasty adult beverages straight to your door! All PA state liquor stores are closed but privately owned distilleries are allowed to stay open to serve the public. In attempts to keep you safe, and our staff employed, we’re offering sanitary 2 hr curbside delivery of all Faber product. Please support our staff and feel good knowing that $1 per bottle will directly support your local bartenders via the US bartenders guild emergency assistance program.

Orders are now LIVE! Please honor a 3 bottle minimum when you select Philadelphia Curbside Delivery option at checkout.

Stay Healthy, and as always – Stay Sexy!


Pre-ORDER Faber Hand Sanitizer!

Please fill out the Pre-Order form below and BE PATIENT! We’re fulfilling all the hospital and healthcare orders first. Bottles should be available  by early next week! Thanks again for your support, please spread the love! #DRINKWITHWOW